Venus – The Healthcare Bigwig

Venus Safety and Health Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in the Medical Healthcare and Industrial Safety Sector manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products for institutional use. Successfully established in the industry for 33 years, we have earned a proud name for ourselves owing to our first grade products conforming to international standards. Our international quality products are highly preferred by the healthcare and safety fraternity making us an obvious choice for many institutions. Taking our first step in the industry in the year 1986, we have evolved and grown manifold delivering highly advanced products using the latest technology.

Our Quality Standards

Our huge popularity and heavy demand of our products is a result of strict quality checks and tireless efforts of our extremely skilled work force. Conforming to ISO 9001:2005 standards, we strictly ensure thorough incoming and outgoing material check so that the best quality product is delivered to our prestigious and esteemed clients. . Venus has 11 ISI licenses and among them 7 are the first in the country. Over the years Venus products were passed for various global safety standards like in North America for NIOSH (N95 certification which Venus was first in country to get), CE certification for Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, Russia etc.

Success Story

Having successfully established our remarkable presence in the field of manufacturing innovative and quality healthcare and safety products, Venus Safety and Health Pvt. Ltd. manufacture a wide range of products for the Industrial Safety and Medical Healthcare Sector. We have successfully created our institutional presence catering to products exclusively for medical and surgical use. Our international quality products are highly preferred by the healthcare and safety fraternity making us an obvious choice for many institutions. 

Our Flagship Venture

Constantly striving towards excellence and improvisation, Venus Safety and Health Pvt. Ltd. is ready to venture out and target the consumer market with V-shwas Masks. Strongly believing in the concept of promoting health benefits and spreading the utility and essentiality of using a mask even beyond the pandemic, Venus introduces the ‘Breathe Right’ V-Shwas Mask. Triggering the question ‘Are you Breathing Right’ in the mind of the consumers, Venus aims to stand out from the rest by offering an answer to this question and creating an awareness about the necessity of using a mask.

 Masks simply act as a barrier in spreading your respiratory droplets as well as preventing others’ droplets from reaching you. What we all need to understand is that not only in this current pandemic situation, but regular use of mask while venturing out is very essential and important. Venus aims at making people understand that wearing a mask is not just the need of the hour but something that should be inculcated and imbibed as well as practiced over time.  Every responsible human being should address the issue prudently by wearing the right mask and ensuring the health and well-being of their loved ones as well as the society.

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