N95 Respirator Mask
Venus V-Shwas V-4400 N95 Mask, NIOSH Approved

Commodity: N95 Mask
Description: VENUS V-Shwas V-4400N95
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Venus V-Shwas V-4400 N95 Mask, NIOSH Approved

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  • Venus V-Shwas N95 Respirator (mask) approved by NIOSH with filtering efficiency - > 95% solid particles.
  • Textile tubular elastic fitting for Long life & does not deform in high temperature.
  • Has a high tensile strength adjustable aluminum inside nose clip for better fit.
  • Unique adjustable beads to adjust the fit of the mask on face.
  • High technology filter media with micro fine fibers & electrostatic charge that can protect against solids & liquid aerosol particles
  • Easy to store with universal fold flat style filtering design with large face coverage & lightweight construction.
  • Dotted pattern edges for a soft feel when worn & skin friendly. Elastic Welded outside the filter area for No leakage & No puncture on filter.

Remember to change your mask if you observe any of the following :
- Dirt accumulation on mask & difficulty in breathe
- Foul smell from mask after multiple use
- Damage of mask & elastics

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