Wear The Right Mask, Rightly!

Masks have become a vital part of our lives as one of the most noteworthy change post COVID-19 in our lifestyle.

The pandemic has affected almost every sphere of our lives thereby bringing tremendous changes. One such change that we see on a daily basis around us is the use of masks. Just notice whenever we're stepping outside our house what's the first thing that strikes our mind? 'Are we wearing our mask?'  

Covid-19 pandemic has brought all the nations of the world unanimously down on their knees and like we all know by now that it is not going away anytime soon. Even after the availability of vaccines, strict precautions must be taken because it is but obvious by now, that prevention is indeed better than cure. Therefore as the most effective precautionary measure, it is advisable to wear a Mask while stepping out. 

Covid-19 is again spreading rapidly and with this new strain of the virus, it is not only necessary for us to remember wearing a Mask, but to choose the right mask and wear it correctly.

       Source: www.olmmed.org

The primary use of mask is to cover the area around our nose and mouth properly. Research has shown that the use of mask is very important because it helps keep the droplets and mucous within the mask, while we sneeze, cough or even talk. If worn correction, the Mask prevents the virus from spreading. It is imperative to keep in mind the following, while wearing the Mask. 

  • Get the Right Mask for Yourself.
  • Avoid using Single Use Masks
  • Wear Reusable Masks, only till permissible usage count.
  • Ensure complete coverage of the nose and mouth, while wearing the mask.
  • Do not remove your mask when in a public places for e.g. a shopping mall or supermarket, or in cabs or any other public transport.
  • Do not touch the mask again and again while wearing it.
  • Do not wear loose masks which need to be adjusted frequently.
  • Do not share you mask with anyone.
  • Do not pull your mask down while talking
  • Wash your Mask with soap and water, after use.

These are simple yet effective ways if letting the Mask do its job best. Public Knowledge of proper masking techniques is more important now than ever.

Spread the word. Save Lives.