No reason to Mask-OFF

The second wave might have ended but there’s no reason for us to make the same mistakes we made post first which resulted in the second wave, those being, flouting social distancing rules, overcrowding public places and the most important of them all DOING AWAY WITH MASKS.

MASKS were, are and will be the first line of defense against covid-19 and to ignore it would be a stupidity which might result in large disasters as was the case in the second wave.

Vaccination will be an obvious boost to those vaccinated but it does not guarantee your safety and as stated by the govt and doctors and scientists being vaccinated is no reason at all to not to wear masks.

AIIMS Chief, Randeep Guleria, said the third wave is not just inevitable but also could hit India in the next 6 to 8 weeks, blaming the surging crowd and not wearing masks. He also stated that that wearing masks and maintaining physical distance will have to continue even for people who have been fully vaccinated against Coronavirus. His statement came in the context of the threat posed by mutating virus and concerns regarding vaccine efficacy. 

This ongoing battle of vaccination efficacy and mutations of covid-19 can see no end, so what is the most effective way to protect against this mutating virus? Maintaining social distance and wearing a mask whenever leaving your house.

After the end of the second as soon as different states of the country started easing the covid-19 curbs, people have started gathering in large numbers in markets and other public places without masks and flouting social distancing laws which seems as like an early invitation for the Third wave of the deadly virus.

The second wave was deadlier and more intense than the first wave with the introduction of multiple variants of the virus and now another new variant of the virus, the Delta Plus variant has come into existence which might be the trigger to the third wave, with over 80 cases identified in the country by now.

The Delta variant, previous of Delta Plus, was the trigger of third wave in various countries and has still not been dealt with entirely so another mutated version of this might make this third wave the deadliest yet.

All of this could with a few simple rules and regulations are to be followed which are so maintain social distancing and wearing THE RIGHT MASK to avoid and halt the spread of the virus and can save countless lives as well as to avoid a complete shut down of the country which affect businesses and other workings.

Masks are as essential as vaccines, no less in any way and cannot be avoided or ignored in no way as it is a matter of life and death.