Masks - The New On-Going Trend

Masks are now a part of our daily life and offer the first defense against the COVID-19. When something becomes a part of our daily life people tend to make it more fashionable or at least visually appealing, especially with masks since it is to be worn outside in public where its visible to other people. 

Although there is no harm in following trends or matching your masks with your outfits but your first concern should be that the mask should follow the government norms as to offer proper safety to the one wearing the mask and others around them. The visual appeal should be a secondary concern for the people as masks are made to protect the masses and the individual. 

There are masks available which fulfill the required norms of the government and are designed in a fashionable way to appeal the masses which poses no issues. Masks are not just for the safety of the one wearing it but also others around the one wearing it. Fashionable masks are in circulation but it is our responsibility to check if they are safe enough and if yes then it is acceptable.

Everyone should be aware of the government norms set for masks so that there is no complication while selecting fashionable masks for themselves.