Masks – a necessity of good times

Masks – a necessity of good times

The whole point of wearing a mask.

The dynamics of our world keeps changing and we evolve around it for out betterment. The new normal now is to wear masks daily, the new trend is social distancing, the new hand wash is sanitizer, and the new word is quarantine. We have been careful and few have been careless, many followed precautions, some broke law, a lot were cautious and some were ignorant. Perhaps one of the most striking lifestyle changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is the mandatory use of face masks in grocery stores, restaurants and other public places. In this phase we all were our own superheroes, we protected ourselves and others. However, there are many who come together in large groups and discard the restrictions posed by government. These actions are not only harmful for them but also the people around them.

Masks are a simple barrier that prevents the travel and eventual exchange of respiratory droplets from one person to another. Mask should be worn everything we step out of our house even though we feel fit and healthy. Studies have concluded that even an asymptomatic person and a person who is yet to show symptoms (pre-symptomatic) can still spread the Coronavirus to others. Wearing a mask ensures that you do not spread the virus to others even when you are not showing the symptoms.

The COVID-19 virus can potentially spread through aerosols while coughing, talking, sneezing, spitting, shouting etc. Some disease-causing bacteria and allergens such as pollens can affect the human health. Besides COVID-19, there are other harmful bacteria that cause diseases and pollens that can affect the human health, airborne diseases like Influenza, whooping cough, chickenpox etc. which should not be underestimated and can be prevented through the use of a mask.

Masks are now accessible essentially everywhere, from online stores to stationary stores, giving the common consumer a wide range of options. Our demands are complete protection, breathable, affordable, reusable, preferable washable mask, good colors, trendy and much more. We all have different criteria for masks and we all want varieties. We can chose a basic cloth mask for the latter requirements. But when it comes to safety and protection, we deserve to use the best.

The best in safety is undoubtedly N95 mask which provides us 95% efficiency of protection. The N95 is an essential element of personal protective equipment to be worn when in contact with patients with known or suspected infection. Its filter layer are 8-fold thicker than that of normal masks. They have at least 95% filtration efficiency for smaller particles and even higher filtration efficiency at higher particle size. Hence, N95 respirators offer excellent protection when they are sealed tightly over the face.

We need to learn and understand the identification of N95 mask and make sure the masks which we buy are authentic and not fake. N95 mask is recognized and regulated by National Institute for Occupation Safety & Health (NIOSH). NIOSH certifies the product and the manufacturer to manufacture the product. It is named N95 because of its 95% filtration efficiency against airborne particles. Another type of mask called the FFP2 masks are said to be composed of three layers of synthetic non-woven materials, available in different thicknesses, with the inclusion of filtration layers between. These masks provide a 94% filtration of the particles.

Any safety or medical product we buy must have a certification or compliance from a test laboratory which certifies its authenticity. Most of the times these certificates and standards are set by Government agencies which becomes country specific. Globally some of the leading standards are NIOSH (American), CE (Europe), GOST (Russian) etc. In India we have our own Standard ISI which certifies all the products.

Being acquainted with guidelines, standards and terms makes us efficient to recognize between the original and fake N95 masks. We should always ensure that whatever mask we use should be certified for authenticity and should refrain from wearing any uncertified or substandard product.

While purchasing any mask be sure to check certain marking which shall indicate if it is certified like for NIOSH N95 mask, be sure to check the TC number – approval number (e.g. TC-84A-8126) which should be printed on the mask, Model number (for E.g. V-4400), NIOSH name in block letters or a NIOSH logo, Lot number, manufacturer name etc. For ISI and FFP class of products be sure to check the ISI logo on the mask, above the ISI logo IS 9473 should be mentioned, FFP2 should be printed on the mask which indicates 94% efficiency, Manufacturer name and Model Number. All these markings confirm the product to be authentic and genuine.

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