Jostling the Third Wave

Several states have already started preparing to tackle the likelihood of a sudden surge in cases, considering the chance of an increased risk to children as the government plans to tackle the Third Wave with reinforcing health infrastructure, preparing vaccination camps, handling logistics for oxygen tanks and so on but the one main and most important weapon against the third wave, undisputedly, is social distancing and masks.

The trigger of each of the last two waves were flouting of these two simple norms- maintain social distance and always wear a mask when outside. Large gatherings and crowding in public places have resulted in surging of covid cases and the wave started to take over the country by storm.

No amount and quality of health services can ensure safety against the virus once the wave starts, the only thing which can tackle it are two of the simplest things – social distancing and wearing THE RIGHT MASK.

These two features have been repeated rigorously by the doctors, scientists and each government in the world as how simple and too uncomplicated it may sound it is the most effective way against the triggering of waves.

Vaccines have been introduced but no doctor or scientist can ensure its efficiency against the virus in contrast to the effectiveness of distancing and wearing masks. If these two rules are to be followed the third wave cannot be as serious as the previous 2 and shall save countless lives.

MASKS have been declared as an essential commodity with good reason, the first line of defence against the virus.

Be sure to wear THE RIGHT MASK and to follow social distancing norms to reduce and severeness of the virus in the third wave and halt it as much as possible.