Is COVID -19 Masking Festivity?

Probably Not.

Covid – 19 has undeniably created a global stir socially, financially and emotionally, with lives coming to a standstill for the longest time for the sake of survival. It’s only natural to lose hope and brood over the negative effects of any event, especially when as a community, we’re battling a global pandemic.

Holi is just around the corner and the festival of colors significantly celebrates the win of good over evil and gives us lessons on looking at the brighter, more colorful side of everything and every situation. Following the mantra of optimism, it is rather correct to state that for every low, there’s a high and it’s true that even this current scenario has a silver lining to it.

Few Facts First.

  • The Covid – 19 Pandemic has overtaken all of our lives and overwhelmed us with its impacts on all fronts.
  • It has been a patience testing one year and the fight against the deadly virus is still on.
  • The global community has come closer and is more aware of the ways of dealing with the Virus.
  • The Vaccine is here and with it comes some solace and strength to deal with the rest.
  • The Vaccine is not the ultimate answer yet. Precautions are still a mandate.
  • There is an evident upsurge in the Covid Cases recently which is a definite point of concern demanding immediate action and attention, from the Government as well as in individual capacity.
  • And most importantly, the realization, that we are going to survive this and when we do it’s a different world that’s waiting for us.

While we are gearing up for Holi, the Government has been advising against Holi celebrations for curbing the Covid count, which is much needed in the current scenario. It is ok to feel nostalgic about the colorful hues and festivities around this time. But there are many reasons to rejoice and celebrate the way Covid has positively impacted us and our festivals.

Firstly, The Virus has confined us but it has also brought us closer to the people who actually matter. With lives getting too busy worldwide, here is our chance to play Holi only with the immediate family and add new colors to the existing relationships in the light of cheer and positivity.

Secondly, With the digital spike, due to the pandemic, we may be physically distant with friends and associates beyond immediate family, but that does not necessarily mean being distant. Come Holi, and digitalization brings lots of innovative new ways of staying connected and spreading cheer and festivity.

Third being the significant lifestyle shift towards Hygiene and Safety. More now, than ever are we more inclined towards safety and hygiene practices. With Holi, there is always a likelihood of getting skin allergies and eye infections because of the chemicals in synthetic colors. These recent times have made us more aware and responsible towards us and our loved ones, inculcating habits like sanitizing hands to wearing masks. It is likely that the same responsibility shall be displayed in the play and use of colors keeping safety paramount.

In light of the positives of festivity during this pandemic, the spirit of Holi is unaltered and lies in celebrating the festival responsibly and safely.

Stay Home. Mask On. Play Safe. Happy Holi!