Double Masking Does Not Guarantee Double Protection.!!

There, we said it. Amidst the raging pandemic situation, we all are stuck in, especially as the second wave is taking away lives in a flick of air, people are urging on double masking. But they often forget that double masking is not the ultimate solution of prevention against COVID 19. Various doctors have recommended that wearing double masks made of loose covering will not be as efficient as wearing an N95 that filters out 95% of 0.3-micron particles or a proper fit mask.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC have been updating their advisory on preventative measures for COVID19 and recently CDC has validated the use of double masks to protect oneself from coronavirus. But it is advised only when you wear a surgical mask and on top of a cloth mask.
Increasing the number of masks will only make you uncomfortable and if not worn properly then will be absolutely a waste of resources. Doctors and experts suggest that wearing an N95 mask or a quality certified three-ply single mask will be enough as long as it is worn properly, that is it is covering the nose, mouth, fits well with the face structure, has been tested for viral filtration efficiency, and is comfortable for breathing.  
Masks have become an important necessity and it is important that one be aware of the basic etiquettes of wearing a mask. What does masks do? They act as a barrier against viral and bacterial particulates that travel mainly from person to person via respiratory droplets into the air when you cough, sneeze or even talk. So, it is absolutely essential that one selects the right quality of masks. Here, the saying suits very well ‘quality over quantity’
It is not the time to compromise with the quality of essentials that are a must for COVID19 safety. We are emphasizing again to use either a N95, surgical mask or well-fitting multi-layered cloth mask and follow proper etiquette on how to wear them. People going after matching outfit masks and make shift masks are not only endangering themselves but also people around them. 
People are also advised to wear a mask when at home if any family member is positive or even have certain symptoms considering the variations in mutants. Wash the cloth masks daily after use and one should not share their masks with other family members even after washing. Touch the masks only at the ties or ear loops and wash your hands with 70 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer. A well fit mask is essential and the mask must not be removed for any reason at a public space because that defeats the whole purpose of it.